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The Leadership Board will meet monthly and minutes will be posted on the website. If you have questions, please contact Pastor Melanie at melanie.npchurch@gmail.com or anyone on the Leadership Board.

Nardin Park United Methodist Church
Leadership Board
Organizational Meeting Minutes
December 16, 2020 7pm (via Zoom)

HIGHLIGHTS: Announcing Don Babcock as Leadership Team Chair and Carolyn Bough as Leadership Team Vice Chair.

Kristin Ahrens
Don Babcock
Carolyn Bough
Amy Dowell
Michael Kain
Dean Moening
Karen Nicholson
Jeff Rucker
Tom Tobe
Melanie Carey, Lead Pastor
Sam Julien, Lay Leader
Mike Marks, Lay Leader

Our Mission: Journey with Jesus   Tag Line: #ShowLove #DoGood

Mission Statement:  Journeying with Jesus by growing, serving and connecting with God and our Community

Our Vision  2018-2020   Align our ministries to the mission, streamline our structure, upgrade our facilities for guests and members, become a more externally focused church, launch new worship service by 2020, make disciples for Jesus through leadership development and service, establish an intentional discipleship path, launch small disciple groups

Core Values:  Inclusivity, Relevance, Passionate worship and music, Generosity, Growth and Connections

Measures: Individual:   Worship plus two Congregation:   By 2020 we will have- Launched at least 15 new small groups of 10-12 people, launched a new worship service with at least 20 news guest and AWA of 75, developed at least 2-3 new outreach ministries where we can serve our community, Increased the AWA of entire church by 25 people (10%) Increased the number of people in the worship plus 2 by 40

7:04 p.m.      Acting chair Don Babcock opened the meeting

7:05 p.m.      Opening Prayer: Jeff Rucker

7:05 p.m.      Introductions

Everyone in the group went around and introduced themselves and their affiliations with Nardin Park.

7:17 p.m.      Spiritual Formation

                   Isaiah 43:18-19

                   Pastor Melanie led the discussion    

7:26 p.m.      Leadership Equipping

                   Exodus 18

  • Pastor Melanie led the discussion.  Discussions were had regarding meaning and relevance to the new leadership team during this time of transition and global pandemic.
  • The Leadership team read the book Mission Possible by Kay Kotan and Blake Bradford.  This led to a discussion on focused on pgs. 106-120 in the book about how this Leadership Board will conduct meetings.  Consensus was to use Parliamentary procedure for our meetings.  Each meeting will have an agenda including a consent agenda which will be send to the Board prior to the meeting.  All relevant materials and requests will be discussed as needed.  There will be significant focus at each meeting on Spiritual Formation and Leadership Equipping.  At the end of each Leadership Board meeting, the Board will flag items to be communicated to the congregation at large.  In addition, the minutes will be published shortly after Board approval following each meeting.  The meeting communications will be shared with Linda McDoniel and Liz King for distribution to the congregation.

7:40 p.m.      Review of New People

                   24 new members in 2020 (does not include confirmands)

                   3 membership classes held in 2020 (during the pandemic)

                   2019 – +3 net membership

                   2020 – +1 net membership (to date)

8:06 p.m.      Goal Review and Accountability Conversation

Pastor Melanie led the Board in a review of the Mission, Mission Statement, Vision, Core Values, and Measures listed at the beginning of the minutes. We have accomplished most of the goals laid out by the VCI prescriptions. In areas we have not fully accomplished, significant progress has been made.  This Board will meet in person, when it is safe to do so, for a retreat to update and establish new goals for moving the church forward.

8:10 p.m.      Packet         

  • Information provided to the Board prior to the meeting included the agenda, leadership board traits, new organizational chart, guiding principle topics, 2020 leadership list, Trustee meeting minutes, 2020 financial statements including Pathways to Generosity information and endowment/investment funding, request for action template, and the Board member covenant (to be signed at the next meeting). In addition, there was one formal Request for Action that will be discussed later in the meeting.
  • Don Babcock made special note of the Pathways to Generosity pledges to date noting over 139 people (families) have made pledges. Pastor Melanie stated that more have come in this week putting our total pledges close to $400,000 for 2021 so far.  In addition, there are several outstanding pledges from people that are expected to come in during the next few weeks. Total pledges are up from 2020.

8:17 p.m.      Generative and Strategic Work – led by Don Babcock

  1. Organization of Leadership Board – Nominations were elicited and much discussion was had regarding the Chair position.  Several members were nominated and declined.  Discussion regarding potentially having Board Co-chairs was entertained.  A decision was made to elect a Board Chair and Vice Chair for 2020.  Due to the pandemic, several members stated the need to share the responsibilities of the Board as opposed to taking on a full leadership role.  In the end, Don Babcock agreed to Chair the Leadership Board and Carolyn Bough agreed to be the Vice Chair.  Kristin Ahrens and Amy Dowell will share responsibilities for meeting minutes and communication with Linda McDoniel and Liz King after conclusion of the meetings.
  2. Creation of Management Teams – Discussion was had and the Board created the following teams with membership to be filled by Board appointment as needed:  Building Management (including Kitchen, IT, House, Grounds, Rentals, Insurance, Parsonage, and Capital Projects teams), Financial (including Budget, Audit, and Memorial teams), Endowment/Investments, Generosity/Stewardship, Covid-19, and Funding Allocation (to continue until 2020 funds run out).  The Board agreed to ask current 2020 members to continue on through January 2021 to aid in the transition.  Additionally, the Board agreed to ask current members of the Elaine Haskell Bequest Funding Allocation Team to stay on through 2021 until the funding is distributed.  Don and Melanie will email or speak to all current team members in addition to reaching out to new members. Amy Dowell will design a new Board Org chart to delineate the current information. 
  3. Request for Additional Hours for Communications Specialist – This request was approved pending Funding Allocation Team approval.

9:02 p.m.      Communication Action Items

  1. Minutes to be sent to Board for review 12/17/20 – once approved, will be sent (along with specific communication items) to Linda McDoniel and Liz King for communication to congregation.  
  2. Melanie to communicate with Funding Allocation Team for funding needed for final approval of additional Communication Specialist hours. If approved, Melanie will inform the Board and share with Liz King. 

9:11 p.m.      Next meeting reminders

  1. The next meeting will be held Wednesday, January 20, 2021 at 7pm via Zoom.  Commissioning will be video recorded.  Tom Tobe – opening prayer; Spiritual Formation – Amy Dowell; Leadership Equipping – financial focus – Mike Marks; Karen Nicholson – closing prayer

9:17 p.m.      Closing Prayer: Carolyn Bough