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Spiritual Gifts Exploration

Spiritual gifts are unique endowments from the Holy Spirit. Discovering your unique spiritual gifts is about where you are going and why you are going there. We get “off course” and sometimes wonder “what am I to do with my life”. This exploration is about your destination and getting there with intention.  You may be asking yourself, “How does God work in my life?”

Your gifts show your path in ministry and lead you to what you are supposed to do. It brings you a sense in your heart that you are in the right place.

Here are your tools to aid you in this journey.

Step One

Use the My Desires and God’s Will form below to help you explore what you really want. What do you feel God wants of you and how you are fulfilling these needs. Journal, make lists, draw, doodle on this form to start on this exploration.

Step Two

Use the Spiritual Gifts Inventory link HERE, or you can use the pencil and paper Spiritual Gifts Inventory and Spiritual Gifts Inventory Score Sheet which will be available Sunday, September 12th.  There are 80 statements. You decide how true they are for you. The online version will total your numbers for you. With the paper and pencil version, add your numbers across each line to get a total for that line. There is no right/wrong, pass/fail, and no one gets 100 (just so you know).
This inventory is also available in Spanish online using the same link.

Step Three

Take your Spiritual Gifts inventory Score Sheet totals and the Spiritual Gifts Inventory Key and Definitions (below) and match the numbers of the lines on the Score Sheet with the numbers at the top of the Key and Definitions. The three highest totals are the gifts that God has bestowed on you. You are unique and your gifts will not be the same as who you are sharing your results with. You can read about your gifts in the definition. Is it a surprise or is this what you expected?

Step Four

To help you in using your gifts, we, at Nardin Park, have many opportunities to match your gifts with our ministries. After your inventory is scored, we will assist you to see how you, you will have an opportunity to see how your gifts can enhance Nardin Park and give you the opportunity to feel that presence of being in the right place.  


We look forward to talking with you and if you need any assistance, feel free to contact Lynette Thayer

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