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Weddings at Nardin Park Church

Weddings are a special time for anyone...
and your wedding at Nardin Park Church can be extra special.



Your Wedding:
Creating a Wonderful
Life Journey

The information on this page is from our Wedding Booklet which is also available for downloading and printing.


Welcome to Nardin Park United Methodist Church. We are privileged that you have decided to begin your marriage with a wedding service with us. The information contained in this booklet will help you in making this sacred occasion a joyful and memorable time in your life.

What is a Wedding?

A wedding is a ceremony that publicly recognizes two people who are entering into a marriage relationship. It is basically a civil service requiring, in the State of Michigan, one couple, two witnesses, and someone to officiate the ceremony.

To be married in a civil service requires three acts:

  1. vows of faithfulness one to another
  2. exchange of symbols of those vows (usually rings)
  3. a recognized official to pronounce the couple as married.

A wedding within a church adds a new dimension to the basic requirements – God. All the vows and actions of the entire wedding experience are seen as a “covenant,” a sacred promise to value the other person in an everlasting relationship as much as we value ourselves. It is a self-giving and mutually affirming relationship that is sustained by the presence of God and God’s people - the church.

To help strengthen your marriage, we would encourage you to find a church home that will support you in this wise and wonderful decision you have made to live all of your life together. Of course, we would like to be your church home, but it is not necessary to be a member of the Nardin Park congregation in order for us to be in ministry to you.

What is Required of You?

  1. You must meet with a pastor before your date can be established on the church calendar.
  2. You will also be required to complete a premarital personal and relationship evaluation inventory, known as “Prepare.” The cost of the inventory is $35 and is payable at the time the inventory is taken. This inventory is designed to help you learn more about yourself, your partner, and your relationship. The results of “Prepare” are confidential and will be seen only by you, your partner and your pastor.
  3. A deposit of $300 is required after your introductory session in order to reserve your wedding and rehearsal dates on the church calendar. The deposit and your wedding contract are submitted to the Church Office. The deposit is fully refundable if the contract is canceled more than six months prior to the reserved date. If the contract is canceled after that time, the deposit will be forfeited. The remainder of the financial obligation is due one month prior to the wedding.
  4. You will continue to meet with a pastor for a two (2) counseling sessions. Counseling sessions are confidential, and will be arranged according to your personal schedule.

Setting a Date

  1. Call the Church Office at 248-476-8860 to see if the date you desire is available. Members of Nardin Park Church are given first priority to dates. No more than two weddings can be scheduled for any day. Because of the necessary counseling sessions, you need to request a wedding date at least three to four months prior to the desired wedding date.
  2. Remember, the date is not firmly set until you have met with a pastor, paid your deposit, and received confirmation from the church.

Weddings must be scheduled at least 2½ hours apart. In planning your wedding day schedule, you may enter the building up to 2 hours prior to the service and remain up to 1 hour afterward. This should provide adequate time for dressing and photography.

Choosing a Minister

One of the pastors of Nardin Park Church will officiate at all weddings. If you wish a pastor of a different church (or former Nardin Park pastor) to participate, please make this known in advance. An invitation will be extended to them to assist in the service.

Choice of Worship Areas

Nardin Park provides two worship areas available for Weddings:

  • the Sanctuary, which seats 600 people
  • the Chapel, which seats 100 people

Planning for the Ceremony

You will have the opportunity to plan the wedding service with the pastor. This includes the words of the service, as well as the options within the service.

The following is a traditional format for a wedding service:

  • Gathering
  • Seating of Parents & Grandparents
  • Processional
  • Greeting
  • Declaration of Intention
  • Response of the Families and Friends
  • Prayer
  • Scripture
  • Sermon
  • Prayer
  • Exchange of Vows
  • Blessing and Exchange of Rings
  • Unity Candle (optional)
  • Declaration of Marriage
  • Blessing of the Marriage
  • Lord’s Prayer
  • Benediction
  • Introduction
  • Recessional

Wedding Coordinator

A Wedding Coordinator will assist you and our pastors in the details of wedding management. The Coordinator will talk with you in advance to discuss your specific arrangements and will coordinate those details with the pastor, the office, the musician, and the custodian. The Coordinator will assist the pastor at the rehearsal, and will assist the wedding party before, during, and after the wedding service. The Coordinator is an important member of your wedding team.

Worship Programs

When desired, worship programs can be ordered and printed through the church office for an additional fee. Office staff will assist with ordering bulletins from available publishers, and printing from the information you submit. Please allow one month for this process. You are also welcome to design and print your own worship bulletins through commercial printers. Please submit a draft of your program to the pastor prior to the printing.


If a center aisle runner is to be used, it should be 100 feet in length and may be purchased from a florist.

Unity Candle

If you wish to use a wedding or unity candle to symbolize your union, it may be purchased through a florist shop or other store. It is also possible to purchase candles only and use the Nardin Park Unity Candleholder.

Receiving Line

At the conclusion of the service, a receiving line is a courteous and efficient way to greet guests. The receiving line may be located in the narthex, the parlor, or the courtyard (weather permitting). An alternative to a receiving line is for the couple to greet the congregation after the recessional by dismissing them from the pews.

Marriage License

A wedding cannot be conducted without a valid marriage license. In Michigan, a marriage license is secured through the county clerk’s office of the county where either the bride or groom reside, is held three days after application, and is good for thirty days. The Oakland County Clerk is at 1200 N. Telegraph Rd., Pontiac, Michigan (248-868-0571). Either party, without the other party present, may make the application. No health instruction certificate is required, but you do need to take your birth certificates.

The wedding license must be given to the pastor or turned into the church office no later than three days prior to the wedding. The full names of those signing the license (the witnesses) must accompany the license.

Wedding Music

Our Director of Music / Organist, Kyle Webber, will assist you in the decisions regarding the wedding music. If you request a guest organist, Mr. Webber must approve them for use.

Please complete the “Wedding Music Information” form, and mail it to him at least two months prior to the wedding. The selection of music, whether it is sacred or secular, must be appropriate to the nature of a covenant wedding. Chosen music will be agreed upon between the couple, the organist, and the pastor.


You are responsible for all flower arrangements used in the
wedding service. Flowers are placed on the day of the wedding, preferably one-hour prior to the service.

If you desire to leave some flowers for use in the following
Sunday morning worship service, please notify the church office when scheduling your wedding. Your names will be placed in our church bulletin.

Ribbon bows (or similar type of arrangement) may be placed on the pews, but they must only be fastened with plastic clips. Tape, tacks, or anything that might damage or mar the wood finish is not allowed. Plastic clips are available from the church.

We are a Latex-free Building. The only balloons acceptable for use are Mylar balloons.

Pictures and Videos

Photographers and videographers are asked to consult with the wedding coordinator prior to the beginning of the service. No flash pictures are to be taken during the ceremony, except during the processional and recessional. Photographs may be taken from the last row of guests, or from the balcony. Videotaping is permitted only from the balcony.

Prior to, and following the service, photographs may be taken. Any photographs involving the pastor should be taken first. It is your responsibility to inform the photographer and videographer about this policy.


Mercer Hall is available for rental for wedding receptions. The cost for rental, catering, and custodial service is modest in comparison to commercial reception locations. No smoking or alcoholic beverages are permitted.


  • The wedding rehearsal begins promptly at the designated time, lasting approximately 50 to 60 minutes.
  • There is no smoking in the building and no consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises (including the parking lot or in vehicles). If you are using a limousine service please inform the company that no alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises.
  • If the pastor (and spouse) and/or the organist are to be invited to either the rehearsal dinner or the wedding reception, they should receive a written invitation via mail.
  • No rice throwing is permitted as it is harmful to birds. We suggest alternatives such as rose petals or bubbles.

Wedding Fees


$300 Reservation Fee

  • Made payable to "Nardin Park United Methodist Church" - returned after the wedding

$800 - $850 Personnel (due 30 days before Wedding)

  • Checks made payable to each individual.
  • Includes: Pastor ($300), Organist ($200 for service / $50 for rehearsal), Wedding Coordinator ($125), Sound Tech ($100) and Custodian ($75)
  • $35 Preparation for Marriage Workshop - paid online. Please speak to the pastor about this.


$200-300 Building Rental (Chapel $200; Sanctuary $300)

  • Made payable to "Nardin Park United Methodist Church"
  • Due with signed contract

$8000 - 850 Personnel (due 30 days before Wedding)

  • Checks made payable to each individual.
  • Includes: Pastor ($300), Organist ($200 for service / $50 for rehearsal), Wedding Coordinator ($125), Sound Tech ($100) and Custodian ($75)
  • $35 Preparation for Marriage Workshop - paid online. Please speak to the pastor about this.


  • $100 Church Vocal Soloist
  • $150 Instrumentalist (trumpet player, etc.)
  • $150 Video Production of the Service
  • $25 Publication of Worship Program
  • $10 Per Pew Candle Rental


  • Chapel Weddings under 25 guests may be done without a Wedding Coordinator and/or an Organist.
  • If you are enduring financial hardship in your lives, please discuss with the pastor the use of a simple wedding service.

Wedding Music Information

Please complete this form and return to Kyle Webber, Director of Music, at least two months prior to your wedding date. Please mail to Nardin Park United Methodist Church, 29887 West Eleven Mile Road, Farmington Hills, MI 48336.

Upon receipt of this information, Mr. Webber will be happy to meet with you in order to coordinate all musical aspects of your wedding. You may contact him by email at kyle.npchurch@gmail.com

Couple’s Name: ______________________________________

Contact Phone Number: ____________________________________

Date of Wedding: ________________________ Time: __________

Officiating Pastor: _________________________________________

Do you wish to meet with Mr. Webber? Yes__ No__

Do you desire a vocal soloist? Yes__ No__
If so, please answer the following questions.

Do you want a soloist provided by the church? Yes__ No__

Do you plan to secure your own soloist? Yes__ No__

Name of your soloist: ______________________________________

Soloist Contact: Phone ____________________________________

Email __________________________________________________

Do you want an instrumentalist (trumpet, flute, etc.)? Yes__ No__

What other related requests, plans or questions do you have?


Wedding Contract
Nardin Park United Methodist Church
Please Print

Name: ______________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: _____________________________________________________

Contact Phone: _____________________________________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________________

Name: ____________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: _____________________________________________________

Contact Phone: _____________________________________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________________

Wedding Date: _____________________ Wedding Time: _________________

Rehearsal Date: ____________________ Rehearsal Time: ________________

We are to be married in the: Sanctuary _____________ Chapel _____________

After reviewing the content of this wedding manual, I am willing to be held accountable to the procedures, regulations and stated fees of the Nardin Park United Methodist Church.

Signature (1 Person of couple) __________________________________________

Date: _____________________________________________________________

Submit wedding contract and deposit to: Nardin Park United Methodist Church, 29887 West Eleven Mile Rd., Farmington Hills, MI 48336.

Date Contract Received by Nardin Park UMC: _____________________________

Signature of Recipient: _______________________________________________

A confirmation stating the receipt of the contract and deposit will be sent to you.