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Advent Devotional Invitation
I Believe, Even When 

  Advent is a time where we, as a church community, are used to gathering together; we sing the songs of Christmas, journeying through the birth of Christ alongside the characters of the Christmas story. We light candles and focus on Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace. We join our resources to provide tangible hope for families in need. The Holy Spirit and the wonder of the Savior’s birth radiate throughout our worship.
But this year is different.
We are forced to improvise in recreating the traditions that bring us comfort and joy. We are responsible for reimagining how we connect, how we anticipate the birth of Jesus, and how we share with each other the beauty of Christmas that lives in our hearts. This Advent at Nardin Park, we will be creating Advent Kits to help our congregation celebrate and honor the season in new ways together. One of the ways we imagine uniting our spirits is through sharing pieces of our own Christmas stories with each other.
This is your invitation to do just that.
We are asking that you reflect on one of the questions below. Ponder them. Pray about them. Truly ask yourself to reflect on the meaning of Christmas and how it impacts what you love about the Advent season. Then, write about it. Write a few paragraphs. Write an entire page. Pour your heart and memories and anticipation and hope into a written reflection of your Christmas heart. Cumulatively, these will be turned into a devotional for our church family to share together, sent out in our Advent Kits. Our stories will remind us that we are still a faith community, even from the corners of our separate homes. And perhaps in celebrating and anticipating the arrival of Jesus in this way, a new kind of magic and connectedness will be born.
If you would like to participate in creating this special devotional, please email your reflections to Susanna by Sunday, November 1 at susanna.npchurch@gmail.com
We cannot wait to read your stories and to share in this special Advent season together. We believe, even now.
The Nardin Park Staff

Advent Reflection Questions
1. What does the birth of Christ mean to you?
2.  What Christmas song grounds you in the meaning of the season? Why?
3.  What Christmas tradition brings you the most joy? 
4.  How does the Christmas story help you believe in goodness and the magic of wonder, especially this year?